Learn how to grow a successful podcast series from the ground up. No stress and super simple.

    1. Welcome!

    1. Why Start Your Own Podcast? What's Your Why?

    2. Who Are You Trying To Reach?

    3. The Importance of Brand-Fit Podcast Music.

    4. Creating Artwork and Supporting Your Podcast Brand.

    5. Choosing the Right Name for Your Podcast.

    1. Panel.

    2. Monologue.

    3. Co-hosted.

    4. Non-Fictional Storytelling.

    5. Fictional Storytelling.

    6. Interview.

    1. Why Different Microphone Designs and Types Matter.

    2. USB Or Not To Be?

    3. Audio Interfaces.

    4. Choosing the Right Recording Software.

    1. Basic Acoustics 101.

    2. Improving Your Microphone Technique.

    3. Understanding Recording Levels.

    4. Recording Your First Podcast Session.

    1. Top and Tailing Your Audio.

    2. Editing Your Dialogue 101.

    3. Dialogue Processing.

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